Paddle Your Own Canoe

Last night I got the chance to see Nick Offerman's great comedy escapade, The American Ham Tour. He was so funny that I spent a good portion of the evening crying and gasping for air in the best way possible. He sets up the whole evening with his list of 10 tips for life. There were several good, very practical ones, like "Always carry a hanky", "Go outside" and "Eat red meat" (how very Ron Swanson of him). And there were a few that were just plain hoot-and-clap inducing, like "Indulge in Intoxicants" (safely of course) and "Get a little Jesus in your life" (after he explained in every detail how he does not do this at all). But, his last tip for the evening was funny and real and honest and authentic. "Paddle your own canoe", Nick says. And to that I say, Damn Straight. This has stuck with me, paddling my own canoe, as I have thought back about how I have traversed life to get to where I am today. I have a wild and sometimes bizarre route to where I am and how I got here, but it is every bit self-driven (albeit GREATLY supported by my loved ones), and I wouldn't have it any other way. Some days there is a huge mountain of self doubt in my way. Some days I climb it and some days it slides me down it's sides and blatantly says, "No.". But, in the end, if I have paddled my own canoe, I manage to get around that mountain in a much more creative way and am always thrilled with the result. It's how I have ended up with this awesome mix of a crazy career that has no real direct path, but is every bit of a legitimate career none-the-less. And I love it. So, Nick, I raise my glass of agreement to you and say, "Yes, paddle that canoe yourself, it's worth it.".

Here are a few tidbits from the online that I'd like to pass along. And, I hope that you will re-join me next week as I continue to embark on this crazy blog and super fun business of creating curated trips to suit your likings. 

Links to spend your Saturday morning with:

Have you seen this blog, by Melanie Biehle? She's crazy inspiring.

I found this next one while reading Melanie's blog. (Like I said, crazy inspiring.) This project makes the Mama in me so glad to be where I am. Lovely.

Have you ever wanted to create your own guides to a city? Maybe the one you live in, maybe another? Then you should check out Everplaces, it's really fun.

I recently reconnected with a few friends that I made while I was building a project called Nite Market in Chicago. One of them made this lovely film of it, and it continues to drive me to do more creative projects.

If you're feeling the need to unplug for a bit, check out Smith Journal and Collect. There are some amazing magazines coming out of Australia these days. I just love print so much.

Have a splendid weekend!

The Packing List : Afternoon Walks to the Park

My plan? The Packing List ~ a once a month interesting and entertaining list of all the awesomeness that can be packed, either for a specific adventure, or for a specific purpose, all from a designers perspective. I hope you enjoy!

First installment: Afternoon walks to the park

I know this isn't something that we normally think of packing for, but recently I've been walking over to Sunset Hill Park in the afternoons that are sunny, which are surprisingly often for Seattle these days, and have found myself without items that I'd love to have once I'm there. I think this list can apply to any afternoon walk, although maybe not. What are some things that you would pack for a jaunt in the sun?


I always (ALWAYS) pack my Cuppow on a mason jar, full of tea whenever I go out for a walk - hot in the winter, cold in the summer. If you don't have one of these amazing lids already, you need one. I honestly don't think I could live without it, I love it that much.

I wish that I always thought to bring some snacks and this super functional Takenaka bento box and super stylin' Ben Feiss container would be the perfect way to tote some sliced apples, cheddar and crackers with me to the park. If I did remember to bring snacks, I would definitely pack a a kitchen towel or two and these from Fog Linen would fit the bill perfectly. These always come in handy when picnicing for a lovely placemat or as a napkin. And, of course, if you have snacks, pack a good set of re-useable bamboo-wares, to eat all the goodies with.

I'm currently reading "Love is a Mixtape" and I would recommend this or any other good read as a must-take-with to the park. It's always nice to spend a few extra moments sitting on a bench or in the grass reading while soaking up some rays, laying on a gorgeous picnic blanket from Twine Organic Fabrics.

All these lovelies would find a good home in a double handled market basket - works double duty at the farmers market or really for any walk about town.

Enjoy your walk to the park!!